In March 1939, Nadia Boulanger, assisted by American friends, created in Boston (Massachusetts, USA) The Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund, with two objectives: perpetuate Lili Boulanger’s music and memory and give, in her memory, a financial support to talented musicians. At the opening, a prestigious benefit-concert, conducted by Nadia Boulanger, was given at the Symphony Hall of Boston. Along with Nadia Boulanger, were part of the Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund’s artistic committee: Aaron Copland, Yehudi Menuhin, Nicolas Nabokov, Igor Stravinsky and Walter Piston.

The Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund awarded composers were:

1942Alexei Haieff (american)
1943Robert Crane (american)
1944Michal Spisak (polishs)
 Antoni Szalowski (polish)
1945Léo Préger (french)
1946Michal Spisak (polish)
 Antoni Szalowski (polish)
1947Paul DesMarais (american)
1948Paul DesMarais (american)
 Claudio Santoro (brazilian)
1949Karel Husa (czech)
 Léo Préger (french)
1950Ned Rorem (american)
1951Jean Michel Dufay (french)
1952Thea Musgrave (scotisch)
1953Noël Lee (american)
1954Idil Biret (turkish)
1955Easley Blackwood (american)
1956Claudio Spies (chilean)
1957Vanraj Bhatia (indian)
  Per Norgaard (danish)
1958Bruno Gillet (french)
1959J. Nicholas Maw (british)
1960Wojciech Kilar (polish)
1961Charles Wuorinen (american)
1962Edwin Roxburgh (british)
 Charles Wuorinen (american)
1963Paul Seiko Chihara (american)
1964Idil Biret (turkish)
1965Alexandru Hrisanide (rumanian)

In April 1965, the Friends of Lili Boulanger Association was created in France in the same purpose: perpetuate Lili Boulanger’s memory by promoting and diffusing her work and by awarding an annual scholarship to composers or interprets gifted with extraordinary artistic qualities, without nationality discrimination and selected by a five-members jury.
The Friends of Lili Boulanger Association’s head office was located at the secretary-general’s – Marcelle Dujarric de la Rivière – private mansion, 18bis, avenue Victor Hugo in Boulogne. With Mrs Paul Valéry as a President, the first administrators were Alexandre de Manziarly, Louis Leprince-Ringuet and René Dommange as Vice-Presidents, and François Dujarric de la Rivière as treasurer. The active committee gathered Igor Markevitch, Jean Françaix, Annette Dieudonné and Marcelle Dujarric de la Rivière. Nadia Boulanger attended every meeting.

By the 18 August 1972’s decree, the organisation was recognized non-for-profit.

The Association des amis de Lili Boulanger’s scholarship winners were:

1968 and 1969
Didier Denis, Bruno Gillet, Pascal Rogé et Claude Prey
Jose Almeida Prado, Nicolas Zourabichvili et Bernard-Henri Videau
Francis Bayer, Ton-That-Thiet et
Yoshihisa Taïra
Gérard Geay, Philippe Drogoz, Félix Ibarondo et Francisco Zumaque
Émile Naoumoff, Georges Humbrecht et Jean-Louis Haguenauer
Huseyin Sermet

James Wood, Nicolas Zourabichvili,
André Bon et Ewa Bukogemka
Yves-Marie Pasquet, Christopher Bochman et Christine Trieu-Colleney
Rafael d’Haene, Piotr Moss,
Malcom Singer et Richard Boulanger
Huseyin Sermet et Jean-Louis Florentz
Jéremy Haladyna, Michèle Reverdy,
Detlev Muller-Siemens et
Dominique Probst

After Nadia Boulanger’s death, on the 22nd of October 1979, un comité rassemblé autour d’Annette Dieudonné, sa légataire universelle, a établi les bases d’une fondation. Une levée de fonds a été nécessaire pour constituer la dotation initiale.

On the 26th of May, the Nadia and Lili Boulanger International Foundation was created under the sponsorship of the Fondation de France. The founding members were Annette Dieudonné, Cécile Armagnac, Doda Conrad and François Dujarric de la Rivière.

As a non-for-profit organisation and a moral and legal heir to the two sisters, the Nadia and Lili Boulanger International Foundation aimed to perpetuate their memory and music and kept awarding scholarships to talented musicians, under the supervision of a committee chaired by Dominique Merlet and formed by Narcis Bonet, Bruno Gillet, François Lesure and Noël Lee.

On the occasion of Lili Boulanger’s centenary, in 1993, the Friends of Lili Boulanger Association, still existing, has been reactivated, its status reviewed, Nadia’s surname added to its title and the head office moved to the 9th arrondissement of Paris where the two sisters spent their lives. First set up in the 9th arrondissement hall, the head office is now, since 2005, located 3, place Lili Boulanger – former 36, rue Ballu.

The legal capacity enabled, the Friends of Nadia and Lili Boulanger Association to organise the Nadia and Lili Boulanger International Voice-Piano Competition, created in 2001, at its President Michel Cosson’s instigation – then director of the Nadia and Lili Boulanger municipal conservatory (Paris 9th arrondissement) – and on the advice of Jérôme Spycket, tenor and author of two biographies of Nadia Boulanger and Lili Boulanger.

In 2009, the Nadia and Lili Boulanger International Foundation under the sponsorship of the Fondation de France has been dissolved. Her endowment has been put on the account of the non-for-profit organisation whose status have been reviewed and whose title has changed for the current one, Nadia and Lili Boulanger International Centre.